WinUAE 1.3.3

WinUAE 1.3.3 WIP (22.10.2006)

Estimated release: November.

  • big E-UAE merge, cleanups, optimizations etc..

Bug fixed:

  • Reboot loop if RTG RAM without Z3 RAM enabled (1.3.2 bug)
  • Hardfile TD_GETGEOMETRY buffer overflow fix
  • RDB emulation failed to mount partition(s) if RDB had one or more not needed filesystems and required FS was in ROM.
  • Selecting "Mousehack mouse" crashed if HD emulation was not enabled.
  • "Genlock connected" GUI checkbox fixed (1.3.2 bug)
  • Clicking eject in GUI and immediately selecting another floppy image enables delayed insert instead of immediately inserting the image.
  • Input panel key mapped to reverted back to its default mapping after saving and loading the configuration.

Major new features:

  • Lightpen/lightgun emulation.
  • Built-in 7zip decompression support.
  • Sound emulation partially rewritten, better latency, possible fix for scratchy sound on some systems. Sound emulation will be automatically disabled when emulated audio subsystem is idle. Audio status led implemented.
  • Better DMS error handling, encrypted DMS files are transparently decrypted.
  • bsdsocket.library ReleaseCopyOfSocket() implemented (AmiVNC fixed)
  • Improved AF rom.key support.
  • ProWizard module ripper updated to latest version.
  • 100% accurate sound emulation mode does not cause huge CPU usage anymore with specific games, for example Paradroid 90 and Rambo 3.
  • Automatic direct IO Catweasel MK4 support if no Windows driver installed, CWMK4 can now be used under 64-bit Windows XP.